It’s raining. I’m cold. Of course I’ve forgotten my umbrella. Life’s unfair! I hate rain. And I hate this stupid free-time job. What’s so exciting about books? You see, I’m helping out in the library and that’s mega boring! Sorting books isn’t my thing but I need the money and that’s the only reason why I’m working there. I’m Jane Seaforce and life’s unfair.

As I walk along the street this new advert in the window of Larry’s drug store catches my eyes. As usual I’m starting to hope that I’ll find a better job and I immediately start to read:

Young Person needed on yacht in Florida for easy and well-paid work. For more information call

T.T. Portman

That sounds very interesting! No. It sounds terrific. I walk into the store and take a short look around. Larry must be somewhere in the back of the store, because I can hear his angry voice while something seems to fall onto the floor. My hand quickly moves towards the ad and tears it off the glass and without making a sound I sneak outside hoping he hasn’t heard me. Nobody except me should read this advert! It must be my destiny to get this vacation job. I’m sure it is. I take a short look at the advertisement again and start picturing myself on a wonderful yacht in the middle of a sparkling bay in sunny Florida…

At home I beg and beg for hours and my parents finally allow me to go there after I’ve told them that this vacation job would show me how real life is and that I’d spend all my money on the ticket. I’m so happy and I still can’t believe it. Ohhh, I nearly forgot. Of course I have to phone Mr – what’s his name?- Ohhh yes, Portman. While I’m dialling the number my heart starts to beat loudly and my throat gets dry.


"Hello. This is Jane Seaforce and I’m calling because of your advertisement about the vacation job in Florida."

"A girl? I didn’t know that girls like jobs like this one. But if five weeks of work are OK?"

"Of course. I can hardly wait."

"That’s nice to hear. Would 9$ per hour be fine?"

My mouth falls open. 9$ is a lot of money. This IS my dream job.


"Ohh, yes that’s fine with me."

"OK, we’ll send you a letter with more information. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Bye."


OF COURSE I’LL ENJOY IT. It’s really well-paid. I’ve got to tell someone about the great news and immediately start dialling again.

"Hi, Linda. Guess what?!"

"What?" she answers sounding uninterested.

"I’m going to go to Florida….."

I can’t remember how long we talked and if I even took a breath while I was talking….



"Whoa, look at this. Isn’t it great?" I shout out loudly to myself as I finally stand there in a huge and shiny harbour. I quickly glance at the name of the ship which is written in the letter." ‘Sea star’, I’ll find you wherever you are" I mumble happily.

After I’ve wandered around for at least half an hour I finally find it. "Hey! This is a total wreck!" I shout out loudly. "Oh, you think so? Well, that’s why you are here" a voice says. I immediately turn around. "So? How can you know? Who are you?" I talk back at a fat man with a bald head. "I’m Mr. Portman and you must be Jane. You should be more polite, my dear!" " What do you mean with ‘That’s why you’re here’?" " Haven’t you read the back of the letter? I need a few people to renovate the ‘Seastar’ and you’re the one who is going to paint it, my dear." "WHAT?" I cry out dropping my suitcase. "This must be a mistake." "No, dear. I guess you are Jane Seaforce, right? You phoned me, remember? You wanted this vacation job and now you have it! Here." He says and gives me a paintbrush. "Have fun, my dear." "Stop calling me ‘my dear’ you jerk" I whisper wishing this would only be a nightmare. But that’s how it is. Life’s UNFAIR!

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